Abuse Therapy

Abuse of any kind can affect the digestive system, the reproductive system and the sexual system.

Abuse is quantified as ‘experiencing physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual and sexual abuse as a child.’ A person who has experienced abuse can suffer a range of emotions from this kind of trauma, such as shame, blaming themselves, guilt, anger and fear.

It is important for the person who has been abused to know that they are believed and that it is not their fault.

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Types of abuse include;

Emotional abuse 90%
sexual abuse 88%
physical abuse 95%

You Are Not Alone

  • Centrelink can offer crisis payments to help you to support yourself when you are leaving a toxic relationship. There is help available to those who find themselves in any of these situations.
  • You can call
  • If you are in immediate danger call, 000.
    The Police are there to help you.