How do you know if you are suffering from depression?

We all have times when we are feeling sad, moody or low, however for some people these feeling are intense and prolonged.

There is a huge difference between feeling depressed and suffering from clinical depression. Clinical depression leaves a person feeling hopeless.

It can be unrelenting and overwhelming. For some people, they can’t escape their unhappiness and desolation. Others, with depression don’t feel sad at all. Instead they feel lifeless and empty. They are unable to experience pleasure.

The signs and symptoms vary from person to person and may vary in severity over time.

What symptoms to look for:

  • Have you felt sad, or lost interest or pleasure in usual activities for more than two weeks?
  • Have you stopped going out?
  • Are you not able to get things done?
  • Have you withdrawn from your friends and family?
  • Are you relying on alcohol and sedatives?
  • Are you unable to concentrate?

Feeling overwhelmed, guilty, irritable, frustrated, lacking in confidence, unhappy, indecisive, disappointed, miserable, sad, tired, sick and run down, headaches and muscle pain, churning gut, sleep problems, loss of appetite, significant weight loss or gain.