Diana Saunders

Diana Saunders

Master ThetaHealer®

Diana began her counselling years ago, while working with Lifeline in Brisbane as a phone counsellor.

This began a long passion to help and support people before they get to the stage of giving up on their lives.

At the time, she was going through a couple of challenges of her own, which left her coping as a single mother of three.

She has been a teacher for most of her career, which also involves constant counseling, and ensuring that the children have a positive self-esteem.

When she was introduced to ThetaHealing® in 2001 she could finally find a technique that allowed her to energetically clear traumas and re-programme the unconscious mind, at both the cellular and soul level, altering limiting beliefs and teaching the body t embrace new levels of happiness, well-being and success.

Diana has had the opportunity to witness many amazing changes for her clients.
Diana is a Master ThetaHealer® and one of Australia’s leading ThetaHealers and Instructors. She has developed her own intuition and healing abilities and is able to teach you how to do the same.